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From the simmering harmonised opener, 'Hanging On' with it's pitch-perfect vocal swirls and snappy percussive backdrop, it's clear that The Happy Soul mean business. Songs like 'The Rules Of Love' and 'I Heard It Said' ooze sleazy charm, with slide guitars and swaying surf-rock solos, while the more mellow latter-half of the LP brings you down from the almost euphoric upbeat nature of the earlier pieces, with the closing couplet of 'Don't Say Goodnight' and 'Like Newly Born Stars' rounding things off beautifully with a well-measured and balanced juxtaposition of optimistic drive and mournful poignance. 


1. Hanging On 04:10
2. With Fingers Crossed & Forget Me Nots 04:03
3. The Rules Of Love 02:28
4. A Salfordian Werewolf In Urmston 03:45
5. Comeback 03:12
6. Wanting & Needing 03:10
7. I Heard It Said 03:20 
8. The Sad Refrain 03:53
9. Add Zero To Zero 02:53
10. Someone Is Calling Your Name 02:38
11. Don't Say Goodnight 02:14
12. Like Newly Born Stars 04:26

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