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Dream House Tropicana Volume 5.5

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Blind Jacks Journey

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Herrrre's Luv*Jam with more international nippiness from all corners of the globe. Featuring prime time bobbers from Deep88, Dawn Again, RNR, Mr Fiel and L*J himself and illustrations from the mighty Rubber Hedgehogs this is a true celebration of holiday house culture!

A who's who of Dream House talent has been rostered in for the occasion, with L*J directing proceedings towards the sunnier end of the spectrum as they charge up a plethora of vintage synths, VSTs and DSP units, classic drum boxes and electronic mallets. The result is an EP that plays like you're sat soaking in the waves and sunshine at any of the famous coastal soirees, cocktail in hand and joy in your heart. Summer has landed!


Matt says: A truly neo-tropical excursion into vacational excesses. Pour yerself a margarita and pull up a pew by the ocean, it's gonna be a loonnng session baby.


A1. Deep88 - Love In A Level E Tor
A2. Dawn Again - Coastal Apartment
A3. Luv Jam - Working Hard Voices
B1. Mr Fiel - Stargazer
B2. Mr Fiel - Across The Spectrum
B3. RNR - Tropical Sky

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