Before Christ

Barry's K / Tuesday Club (feat Mushrooms Project Mixes)

About this item

Before Christ is a new project from Craig Christon and Bonar Bradberry. Remix maestros Mushrooms Project take on both tracks. First up Barry's K is a moody brooding chuggy basement Jam with ethnic melody and dubby effects. The mighty Italians mellow out the groove and extend adding all there trademarks touches.Uh!. The second track is Tuesday Club is a techy machine funk bomb with shades of New Beat and a nod to Forgemasters. The Mushrooms boys bring the acid and soft melodic pads turning this into a dreamy heads down groover.


Sil says: Four cuts of heavy bassline, oriental melodies and chilled grooves for the Balearic heads gone electronic.


1. Barry's K
2. Barry's K (Mushrooms Project Turkish Mix)
3. Tuesday Club
4. Tuesday Club (Mushrooms Project Acid Line Mix)

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