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Come To Canada You Will Like It

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Verdicchio Music Publishing

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'Come To Canada You Will Like It' is a record about slowing down while finding a balance between rural and city living. Inspired by subjective memories and ideas about things and places: Looking back and moving forward. 
On his second album now, Canadian Patrick Holland, gives us a collection of excellent music. Will not disappoint to those who follow him as the formula is still the same: Lo fi house (breathtaking 'Tunstal' and the lovely squelchy beats and contagious bassline on 'Nanana' among others) and downtempo pieces ('No Interest') where melody is the centre piece via radiant synth chords. This LP will not fill dancefloors - more likely empty them, there are no tunes. But, it is ull of great music; music that is cool, calm and collected yet free and evocative. Excellent for home listening or driving. 
As always, Holland delivers and shows zero signs of fading out.
So, please do get a copy of this lovely thing because it will grow with each listening. A classic in disguise is what it is.


Sil says: Very very good second album by Project Pablo. If you know his style and like it, you know what to expect. Pure class.


01 Intro
02 No Interest
03 Rent Day
04 Just A Thought
05 Tunstall
06 Half Time
07 Nanana
08 To Sealeigh And Back
09 It's Okay That It's Like This
10 Fine Match

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