A Cure For Melancholy

Image of Videopath - A Cure For Melancholy
Record Label
Peach Discs

About this item

Fifth release from Peach Discs who seem intent on letting their audio stream trickle out teasingly, with an average of one release a year since its inception!

Debut 12” from newcomer Videopath. The A-side piles up the ravey smiley face melodies over some box-banging drums in a kinda retroistic tribute you'd defo catch Beautiful Swimmers or Jack J banging out mid set. 

Side B keeps up that retrotastic flavour as big M1 organ riffs bulk out a rampant vintage drum beat and wailing diva vocals. Garnished perfectly with glistening keys this is a main room fire starter make no mistake! Huge debut from Videopath! Recommended. 


1. A Cure For Melancholy
2. And So Do Eye 

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