Grand Paradise Hotel

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Dopeness Galore

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Struggling to get by in the luscious capital of West Java, Bandung's Munir found a home in the rhythm of the city's underground.
An avid Boogie aficionado, the funkateer echoes these historical sounds of change and manages to record most of his music with borrowed gear. His dedication to the underground dance scene stems from the very streets that introduced him to his own transformative sound. As a DJ, producer, label owner and graphic designer, the Indonesian artist is determined to breathe life into an underappreciated, yet influential music scene.
With vintage synths and beat machines, Munir captures a late 70s and early 80s vibe transformed into well-balanced, contemporary cuts. The album showcases his intriguing skills and dedication to the art form, with influences ranging from house to ambient and the ever-present rawness of funk.
Dopeness Galore pull out all the stops to bring Bandung's Munir back for the release of a full-length album. Built around a lush stay at a place where water is salt and life is sweet: Welcome to the Grand Paradise Hotel.
Enjoy your stay.

"..a thin fabric brushes against your skin as you set foot into the slightly over-cooled, regal looking main entrance. Tall shadows of midnight travelers take shape on crisp white walls painting them a moonlit blue. A sigh of relief escapes your breath. The luster of marble floors looks strikingly imposing against the city's charcoal dust that has collected on both your shoes...

"Welcome to the Grand Paradise hotel", she says, "where life awaits, at your ocean view".


Patrick says: Indonesian gee Munir brings the drama on debut solo LP, gracing the evergreen Dopeness Galore with a set of exotic house, nu school boogie and infectious breakbeat. Gloriously retro but refreshing all the same, this is a killer LP - groove is in the heart y'all.


1. Late Checkout At 2 PM 
2. Room Service 303 
3. Balcony View 
4. Room Service (Extra Bed) 
5. Bamboo Garden 
6. Outdoor Bathtub 
7. Sangria 
8. Nature Selection (Wouda Edit) 
9. Your Luncheon 
10. Members Only 
11. Evening Spa 
12. Concierge 

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