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CAIN is back with a bang this summer! The smile inducing "Eshu" is probably one of the biggest tracks he has made to date and one that's been held back for too long. As always, the other two tracks are equally as varied and surprising: 'Phoenix' is bathed in synth madness and vocal sweetness. More beat added than in 'Eshu' will make this one a perfect piece for your set. And to finish it all off you get  monster 'Hoji' filled with some far east vocal sample and a melodic instrument that sounds like a harp but it clearly is not. All of it driven smoothly by the relentless drum beaat. Heard it through the grapevine (and a bit on the press release) that this is currentely a Lena Willikens top hit.  So there you go, folks. 


Sil says: Surprising and refreshing as all the High Lifes we proudly get and sell. Always experimenting on the boundaries and in a good way.


A. Eshu
B1. Phoenix
B2. Hoji

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