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Sex, Suicide & Speed Metal

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Parrish Smith makes his Dekmantel debut on the label’s sister-techno imprint, UFO, with a blend of avant garde electronics and industrial vibrations.
"Sex, Suicide & Speed Metal" sees Dutch producer Parrish Smith work outside of the realm of genres and tempos, creating his own unique template of saturated and crunchy music with a punk spirit running throughout. With title track "Sex, Suicide & Speed Metal", Parrish Smith channels his inner Alan Vega, with some screaming guitars, and 65bpm machine-crunching body beats, lurching into a sultry space of slick wave music. "Mute" jacks up the feeling of tempo, rife with energetic drum machines, pulsing synths and retro-fitted vocals, similar to the sound of something Daniel Miller might have released himself back in the early 80s. "Skins", delves further into the mechanical, with a grinding bass that bleeds through the track’s entirety, while "Fall Into Sin" sees him explore the world of deconstructed, gothic-pop yet further. An inspired set from this new signing.


Barry says: Taking the throbbing dystopian pulse of early industrial music and infusing it with a more modern percussive drive and rhythmic flow was never going to be a particularly easy task, but Parrish Smith has managed to give life to the shadowed galvanised beats and distorted vox. Propulsive but nuanced, this is an essential for any fan of industrial, minimal wave or new beat.


1. Sex, Suicide & Speed Metal
2. Mute
3. Fall Into Sin
4. Skins

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