Cecil McBee


Image of Cecil McBee - Mutima
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Everland Jazz

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Ace spiritual experimental jazz record on New York's Strata-East label from '74. The title track is a gorgeous 13-minute Lonnie Liston Smith style cosmic jazz piece, but also check the amazing "From Within" - an eleven minute piece for two bowed acoustic basses. Imagine a funkier sounding Lonnie Liston Smith and you'll get the idea (super-nice!). Limited US reissue. And this latest reissue is the best vinyl version ever since it first appeared almost 45 years ago! 


1. From Within 11:17 
2. Voice Of The 7th Angel 02:03
3. Life Waves 09:13
4. Mutima 13:33 
5. A Feeling 02:36 
6. Tulsa Black 06:06

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