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Saft 1

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Malka Tuti

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Exactly one year after their sold-out debut album "Zest", Die Orangen (aka Dreems & Kris Baha) are zurück! No. 1 of two records, this first part consists of a new live version of the track "Yaranabe", recorded in a live session as part of the Duo’s infamous analogue live act. Electro-goths Tapan remix "Metal Man" into a sludgy crawl: depositing concentric analogue arpeggios onto a churning mechanics and a gate reverberated vox.

On the B-side lies Gordon Pohl’s reimagination of "Mersey River. The track's epic slow opening and evolution into rhythm resembles in many ways the psychedelic collaboration works of the late Pete Namlook & Move D on Namlooks own Fax records, which was always a significant influence on the Malka Tuti world. Super stuff here that'll no doubt appeal to all the slow-mo wigged-out warriors currently doing the rounds (Jon K, Nose Drip, Vladimir Ivkovic, Tolouse Low Trax etc etc).


1. Die Orangen - Yaranabe (Live Mix) 
2. Die Orangen - Metal Man (Tapan Remix) 
3. Die Orangen - Mersey River (Gordon Pohl’s Remiagination Part 1 & Part 2)

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