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Unlimited Love #13

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Unlimited Love

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Second installment this week, and thirteenth volume in the grand scheme of things... those cheeky buggers at Unlimited Love are intent on supplying us meagre peasantry with some truly royal disco, soul and boogie offerings from the last 20 years of dancefloor regalia.

On the banqueting table this time round: Jeancy's "Reservation" regularly breaks the hundred pound barrier ont second hand market, a tasty 12" boogie record from 1982, originally released on Lotus. Karizma's (no not the Baltimore house DJ... - ed) 1984 boogie (or should that be electrofunk...) hit "Will You Dance With Me", written by Marie Williams, is somewhat of a holy grail for those in the know, with copies often reaching the £500 mark. Also up for grabs is Makonde's "Manzara", a B-side track from 1977 that, although not fetching to heady sums of previous tracks on the series, is an absolutely killer Afro-disco stomper, often overlooked but rarely matched in energy and vibe - breathtaking! Another mid-table 7" is given fresh legs: Marion Javius' "Waiting In The Winds", whilst Neo Experience's "Human" closes off the EP with another pricey (and rare) 7" soul release from 1975. 


Matt says: A no brainer. Just gerrit! You won't be sorry... Slowly chipping away at people's discogs estate net worth; the Unlimited Love camp seem intent on delivering ridiculously hard to aquire soul dance hits to everyman and his dog, and we're not complaining!


Jeancy - Reservation
Karizma - Will You Dance With Me
Makonde - Manzara
Marion Javius - Waiting In The Winds
Neo Experience - Human

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