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Ahwlee brings us his album Life2 which was originally released in 2016, this gem has taken a long time to reach the spotlight it deserves. The album is filled with flowering instrumental hip hop with structured jazz elements linked together in a lovely hip-hop-jazz marriage. Ahwlee perfectly balances the chilled out composition while keeping it fresh with raw instrumentals.

If you are a fan of Abstract Orchestra, MF Doom Instrumentals and Dilla-esque, you will need to hear this and have it in your life. 


Millie says: I have fallen head over heels for this album, it’s everything I want wrapped up in one perfect package. From the instrumental hip hop in a laid-back effortlessness, and the swoonful soft vocals edging in add an extra something, really lovely!


1. Stillashy [91]
2. Lites
3. U
4. BC
5. Somthnspecial. [int]
6. On_foot
7. Bait_
8. Crybaby_think
Side 2
1. Larry
2. Coin-Op
3. No_kavi.[terri]
4. Pina
5. Nothnfree[94]
6. Cotton[2.this.day] {int}
7. Skies_purple [nuu's]
8. Only..human

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