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Unlimited Love #12

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Unlimited Love

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Another bout of Unlimited Love floods our receptors as the label continue to plunge the pools of disco, soul and boogie for our listening and dancing enjoyment. Volume 12 in the collectors set (..just don't try snagging a copy of discogs! - ed) sees Aura's "Phreex" alongside Bobby Sanders & Magic's "Strung Out" on side A. The former, a 1978 7"-only release that'll set you back a cool two ton while the later is THE ONLY TRACK ever recorded by Bobby Sanders with Magic and again, is only previously available in 7" format. Side B sees Gloster Williams And Master Control's 1979 album track "No Cross, No Crown" lifted from gospel disco crossover LP "Praying Spirit" while Infinity close off the EP with "Queen Of My Universe", a record-breaking, £700-demanding 7" (yes, seven f****in inch!) single that's pure feel good soul vibes and is rarer than a filling in a hen's tooth! More e-e-e-essential selections for the non-purists and lazy / skint vinyl DJs out there! Big ups!


Matt says: A no brainer. Just gerrit! You won't be sorry... Slowly chipping away at people's discogs estate net worth; the Unlimited Love camp seem intent on delivering ridiculously hard to aquire soul dance hits to everyman and his dog, and we're not complaining!


Aura - Phreex
Bobby Sanders & Magic - Strung Out
Gloster Williams And Master Control - No Cross, No Crown
Infinity - Queen Of My Universe

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