Chase Sequences

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Obscurity Is Infinite

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Four tracks of full spectrum, steam train techno here in that late nineties / turn of the millennium style. It's actually UK techno stalwart Ben Sims who's behind the Assailants project - joined by another UK mainstay - Truncate. This is their first release under Assailants and precedes an extensive b2b touring schedule to boot. Early support from Robert Hood, Ben Klock, Luke Slater and Mark Broom.

There's a nod to vintage 'Purpose Maker'-era techno, but some of the glassy, punctuated hooks sound painfully current while the bottom end weight could only have come into fruition through the last five years or so of advanced sound design and better mastering processes. All in all though, anyone who used to lose their shit to Mills, Clarke, Sims, Francois K and all those Tribal Sessions cats that used to fire rockets up our arse every Friday night here in Manchester - you've got summat new to get your ears around! Fully endorsed. 


1. Effort 8
2. Effort 3

1. Effort 1
2. Effort 7

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