Jay Nemor

Come On Go With Me

Image of Jay Nemor - Come On Go With Me
Record Label
Super Disco Edits

About this item

Coming at you hard with a brand new release, thats moved away from or usual unissued releases. DJ Rude Lead played me a demo he and Tom Noble from Superior Elevation cooked up whist Tom was in Denmark deejaing.
They approached in indemand vocals of Jay Nemor from the states., who layed over some killer sultry lyrics and tones.
The song was only in demo form, so Super Disco Edits in house engineer Matt Fletcher and Owner of Super Disco Edits Russell Paine gave the song the boost and heaviness it desired! We really are pleased with the result, thats cut super loud and sounds awesome over a big system. Promos will be available this week. 


A1. Come On Go With Me
B1. Lose Your Mind

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