Florence & The Machine

High As Hope

Image of Florence & The Machine - High As Hope

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Florence + the Machine announces new album, ‘High As Hope’. For perhaps the first time, ‘High As Hope’ is a record that is as intimate as it is epic, with the more restrained sound -relatively speaking; Florence knows herself well enough now to declare “I’m never going to be minimal” -mirroring this sense that happiness doesn’t always have to be big and dramatic:There’s a lot of love in this record, loneliness too, but a lot of love.”

An album that mixes high and low–from a tribute to Patti Smith one minute to being ghosted over text by a date the next –‘High As Hope’ is made up, says Florence, “of joy and fury”...

"Towering performer twirls back with power and poetry" - Evening Standard,
"A euphoric return by a singular talent" - Telegraph,
"an appealingly visceral force" - Guardian.

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