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EP Number 1

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Sosilly Edits

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Stupendously limited, but really quite good edits twelve here from the newly established Sosilly Edits camp. 

JB Edits the edit project of Sydney, Australia based house DJ & producer Jerk Boy. He’s now turned his focus to vinyl only, dancefloor edits of all his favourite boogie, Balearic, funk, soul & disco tunes cut, sampled, tried and tested for lower lights, bright nights and the ultimate dancefloor jiggathon.

This first installment contains a glitzy and bolshy set, "Alovera" strutting in with all the style and glammer of late 70s New York disco; with a rich, brass-led and authentic sound. "Boogie Stars" pairs an infectious B-line with rolling congas before swamping the stems in dazzling boogie instrumentation for a feel-good future classic just waiting for the Full Beam! crew to discover its joys. "Junior Mint" concludes proceedings, taking us back to raw disco with galvanized bass, funky clavs and epic piano chords; keeping us dancing till the very last groove on the record. Top stuff this; look out for more to come.  


A1. JB Edits - Alovera
A2. JB Edits – Boogie Stars
B1. JB Edits & Magic Bird – Junior Mint

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