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Say My Name EP

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Fabio Monesi pres. DJ Protein. Side A >>> the BEST refix of Destiny's Child "Say My Name" you're ever likely to hear. Bit crunched, laced with booty samples and smashed out in the red, this will combust any floor it's given chance to ignite...

On the flip, "Wandering Dreams" keeps the late 90s dream house vibe alive with a fast paced, frenetic instrumental that uses deep chimes, round bass and shuffled TF hats for a masterclass in deep house pleasure.

Mastered at Reel Mastering, London

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Matt says: Straight to the front of by record box this one folks. That 'fire' record you need to have packed and ready for any opportunity that demands you blow up the spot.


A1. Say My Name
B1. Wandering Dreams

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