Jared Wilson

Local Slope Pros Only

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7777 / Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

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Jared Wilson's 7777 teams up with Glasgow's Dixon Avenue Basement Jams for a match made in heaven. Four tracks from the cult producer, influenced by acid, house, techno, Roland, Make Noise, Michigan and the Great Lakes. Opening with the serene glider, "Everpressed"; powered by gentle Roland rhythms and soaked in a crystalline patina, this is a warm and radiant way to open proceedings from a man famed for some pretty agro machine abuse. "Local Slope Pros Only" fires up a busy 303 line and some synthesized mallets whilst retaining a crystal clear pad foundation. "Roland 7" pairs voluptuous pads to a rickety kick - snare pattern; hammering home the EP's message of warmth, languidly and optimism through the thick, all encompassing Summer heat. Final track "BF2" really plays with the head as it manipulates cowbell release times, gremlin chatter reverb and a plethora of other acid house magic tricks to twist cerebrums inside out and keep the body locked into an endless gyration - this is the one folks! Highly recommended and limited copies - get those order in quick!


Local Slope Pros Only
Roland 7 (paris Mix)
BF2 (Traverse Bay)

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