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Vibrating James / The House

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Bitter End

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Bitter End follow up Piccadilly Record's 12" of the year 2017 with another hot double A-side.

"Vibrating James" on side A makes a funky foundation from the psilocybin soaked bones of the king of soul, and then liberally layers up some chest caving low end. Utterly irresistible and already the cause of many a 'moment' in the world's finest cathedrals of escape and sure to carry the baton of hedonism through the closing stages of the Summer.

On the flip we get "The House" which sees jubilant pianos smothered in bass and sugar coated with a reverb heavy vocal. Sure to get bodies sweaty, it encapsulates that intense moment when the floor suddenly fills up and kicks into action, swaying and undulating under the sheer volume of dancers and energy.

Another winner from this northern star. Recommended. 


Matt says: 'nuther big un fromt Bitter End - Sheffield's worst kept dance music secret. Seemingly incapable of conjuring up anything but searing hot double A-sides, two very different, highly intoxicating flavours showcased with panache on record six from the camp.


A. Vibrating James
AA. The House

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