Kornél Kovács

Metropolis EP

Image of Kornél Kovács - Metropolis EP
Record Label
Unknown To The Unknown

About this item

Stockholm rascal Kornél Kovács is at it again, making some racket on DJ Haus' taste making label, Unknown To The Known. Famed for injecting fun back into house music, Kovács is an obvious choice for UTTU; the go-to label for pissing off the parents and causing a rukus.

Title track "Metropolis" wraps a sexy female vox around clipped synth lines and pumping side chained beats before introducing a rounded bass and tight hats. "Babasonic" is a more experimental offering, layering niave melodies over a glitchy, technoid soundbed but still including those tight, shuffled hats that keep it flowing on the dancefloor. Final track, "Panda" sees late night stabs paired with a brilliant mid-range hook and study B-line. Like the tracks that preceded it, it should turn heads and move bodies whilst keeping its tongue gentle protruding into cheek throughout. We heart Kornél Kovács! Recommended. 



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