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The Sound Of EP

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Me Me Me

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Geoff Leopard's Me Me Me continues to be an imperative force on the scene as it skips merrily past it's ten record milestone and into the teenies.

Number 12 on the label sees Scotland's Austin Ato step up and drop a 'quadruple A-side' in the words of the label head, who famously 'couldn't pick a favourite'!

It's a top notch affair as we start off with the hi-nrg pump of "He Can Ride". Pairing a simple but effective three note riff to gliding bass and crisp drums, LFO filter tweaks and rising strings add to the sheer excitement and euphoria of this serotonin-releasing sugar rush.

"Dah Dah Dah" sees an authentic old skool house flavour revisited as a catchy vocal sample meets a conga-driven house groove and a trickski saxaphone noodle. Comparisons could be made with MCDE and a fair bit of Moods & Grooves' output but that would be doing a injustice to Ato who stands alone as a unique producer.

"Maelstrom" seems an apt name for the attack of wooden bass, rolling keys and rising strings that decorate a charged vintage acid house beat while "Ben's Groove" concludes proceedings - nodding its hat to Tiger & Woods and Shir Khan as it executes a timeless slice of chopped n looped disco-house music that'll keep the terrace jumping till dawn.... 


A1. He Can Ride
A2. Dah Dah Dah
B1. Maelstrom
B2. Ben's Groove

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