Marcin Krupa

Sour Edits Vol.2

Image of Marcin Krupa - Sour Edits Vol.2
Record Label
Sour Edits

About this item

'Second up on Sour Edits is the Polish sample wizard Marcin Krupa with three breezy summery house jams for sweaty basements and sun drenched terraces worldwide..'

Succinct and direct sales notes from the Sour Edits camp as they introduce another fun loving and totally essential record just in time for party season. Much like Xxxy's opening EP, the three tracks contained within epitomize that feel-good house spirit, unimposing, highly infectious and full of optimism. If you've ever caught yourself smiling unapologetically as crepuscular rays beam down on your drug-addled face whilst the DJ of your dreams pumps it outta some high powered stacks as hordes of techno pixies dazzle your eyes, you're gonna be feelin' this one... Limited copies as per the last one - move quick!


A1 Jazz With Some House Elements
B1 The World's First Ambient Banger
B2 Marianna Theme

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