Margo Williams

God Save And Protect All The Children

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Golden Flamingo Records

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The wonderfully monikered Golden Flamingo was one of many labels operating alongside the now legendary P&P Records imprint in late 70's to early 80's NYC. Fans of deep Disco, raw gritty Soul and rare as hen's teeth Electro and early Rap know of the cult status of its brief but influential output. An amazingly lo-fi, endearing and overtly underground aesthetic runs through all of the labels, from the label artwork down to the music itself. This style is evident on Margo Williams' epic 'God Save And Protect All The Children', a colossally rare 12" from back in 1980.
A huge, drifting soulful Gospel number, 'God Save...' has been an oft overlooked gem in the wider P&P related catalogue. Not much info is known about Williams other than she contributed backing vocals to some classic Disco records including Inner Life's 'Inner Life II' and The Salsoul Orchestra's christmas LP as well as appearing on other P&P projects. The production on this record was handled by the absolute powerhouse duo of Peter Brown and Patrick Adams so it oozes that amazing quality that these 2 legendary studio figures brought to all of their projects - the trademark P&P sound. It's all here in this beautiful stirring plea to the lord to look after all of us set to some incredible arrangement and production. It's obvious these self-made music industry legends were at the top of their game back then and one only has to explore the rich and diverse catalogue of amazing music they've given us over the decades. Absolutely essential repress action here.


Martin says: Sugar coated sweet sweet soul music here. I might be a punk at heart but it's impossible to ignore these heartfelt vibes! 10 out of 10!


A God Save & Protect All The Children
B God Save & Protect All The Children

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