High Fidelity

High Fidelity

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Queen Constance

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Arguably the most varied of the P&P related labels, Queen Constance was responsible for the release of some of the hottest shit NYC had to offer during the seventies and eighties, so rejoice when I tell you a reissue program is underway. High Fidelity will be the first in a series of Queen Constance rarities to be reissued, an extremely rare and coveted record that can change hands on the second hand market for big big money, so avoid those low rent bootlegs that are out there and cop this fully licensed repress.

The group's self-titled sole long-player is a fantastic 6 track set of gritty, soulful and uplifting funky Disco with a DIY edge. Not too much is known about the artists themselves, or even when the record was performed, recorded or released but it certainly sounds like a group who knew their craft inside out. The energy is high across the record and the group sound like they're on fire, just check the outrageously funkified 'Magic Carpet' and you'll see what we mean. Amazing. The whole project has that enchanting lo-fi, back-street feel to it in terms of production and the mind boggles as to how such a record would have come off had it been recorded at a Motown or any other 'big' studio, but no matter as this release is perfect the way it is, an essential piece of street-level NYC Disco straight from the underground.


A1 - Life Time
A2 - Dedicated
A3 - Love Champ
B1 - From Us To You
B2 - Destiny
B3 - Magic Carpet

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