Soul Value - Inc. Florist And Lamusa II Remixes

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Housemates make their debut on Naff with a blinding house anthem conceived last summer at Casa Di Ruffino, Montreal. The ultimate dollar bin jumper, "Soul Value" shines with the sax magic of regular collaborator Emmanuel Thibau. Bouncy, jubilant and full of vigor and colour, this is the kinda shit Beautiful Swimmers and Ruf Dug segue into their sets for maxxximum damage, and the reason they go down so well in the dance! Sometimes all you need is a b-line, a beat and a bit a sax to go a loooonnng way baby! OG comes in two flavours - the high octane 'Jersey Groove' and the smoother, more beach friendly Italian-tinged 'Euro Groove'.

On the flip come remixes by Florist and Lamusa II. The All Caps star sharpens up the stems ready for the cutting edge floors - nodding to Boddika, Joy O and Sued respectfully as he reconstructed dizzy and hypnotic breakbeats into a forward leaning nightclub structure. Finally, Lamusa II's 'Exotoic-Dream Mix' plugs into that Italian vibe, unloading a dream house aesthetic onto the track with chiming keys, soaring piano motifs and that oceanic, sun-blushed brilliance that instantly makes you feel like you're on holiday. Top, top stuff indeed - highly recommended!


A1 Soul Value (Jersey Groove)
A2 Soul Value (Euro Groove)
B1 Soul Value (Florist's 99 Adrenaline Groove)
B2 Soul Value (Lamusa II Exotic-Dream Mix)

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