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Sul Tempo

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Lily Record

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Suave, sophisticated and immaculately dressed in pastel and cream, 'Sul Tempo' is far and away the most Italian record of the year. Supremely stylised and conceptually complete, 'Sul Tempo' was the first and only album composed by the Lorad Group, originally released on CD in the heady days of 1988. Working with the classic DX7 + DR-606 combo, as well as a healthy dose of found sounds and tape manipulation, the ensemble presented a musical rendering of the contemporary work-day. The resulting set cycles through the meditative ("L’Aldila", "Sogni D’ufficio"), the Mediterranean ("Autobus", "Flirti Di Notte" and the minimalist ("Risveglio All’alba") while incorporating jazzy flourishes, brief snatches of fusion and a new age approach. Is it esoteric?


Patrick says: Wonderfully turned out in cream and pastel, this immersive 1988 LP from the Lorad Group walks right off an Armani catwalk and onto your turntable, filling your life with meditative sounds from the Med. Composed at the crossroads between Balearic, New Age and Ambient, this is currently top of my pops.


A1. Risveglio All’alba
A2. Autobus
A3. Lavoro Quotidiano
A4. Avocado
A5. Sogni D’ufficio
B1. Big Man
B2. Muscle Center
B3. Pet Quest
B4. Flirti Di Notte
B5. L’Aldila

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