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Hot Girls Of Italo

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Just in time for the summer holidays Bordello A Parigi team up with the antipoddean branch of the Italophile society, delivering the final repress of the cult "Hot Girls Of Italo Disco". For the first volume, the labels picked out two well known Italian diamonds and handed the stems to their in house craftsmen Flemming Dalum and Hysteric, presenting a platter which backs the originals with dope DJ friendly edits. On the A-side Patrizia Pellegrino's "Musica Spaziale" is all passion and pain, sequenced stomp and cinematic synthwork sat between some tear-jerking vocals while Daniela Poggi's "Break-Up" is a perfect piece of Mediterranean pop, effortlessly extended by the mighty Hysteric.


Patrizia Pellegrino - Musica Spaziale
Patrizia Pellegrino - Musica Spaziale (Flemming Dalum Edit)
Daniela Poggi - Break-Up
Daniela Poggi - Break-Up (Hysteric Edit)

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