Various Artists

Elsewhere MMDLXXVI

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Compiled by soFa, the second instalment in his recent series ties together eighteen artists, each venturing down their own musical path, to produce an audio atlas that transverses not only styles but also cultures and continents.
Disparate musicians come from far and wide have been brought together across two slabs of beautifully mastered vinyl and, somehow, someway, found a jittering, skittering and juddering balance.
Tracks from Puma & Dolphin and Khidja conjure up images of thick jungle scenes as tribal rhythm patterns hypnotise and mesmerise alongside shamanic samples. The heady exotic aromas and tactile textures of the East are on display with Zatua traipsing through baked dunes and deserts before arriving to the shamanic organized chaos that is Bear Bones, Lay Low.
Darker moods loom and lurk, skulking in the alleys of Konsistent or in t-woc’s lurid tones. These duskier elements are countered by the brightness of Velvet C’s future disco sounds or the laser synthwork of Rony & Suzy. The buzzing Chicago inspired sounds of Weird Dust, the dawning pulses of Twoonky and the triumphal charges of Föhn blur the lines between mystical places and the cruel reality of the modern world. A double vinyl ticket to eleven engaging and evocative destinations.A trip into the fantastical. An Oyster from Elsewhere…


A1. Rony & Suzy - Einstellung
A2. Puma & The Dolphin - Shampoo Smile
A3. Zatua - Camel Express
B1. Bear Bones, Lay Low - Jabrojo
B2. Khidja - Embarking Once More, Upon That Dark Voyage
C1. Fohn - Ill Wheel
C2. Velvet C - Cosmotropi
C3. Konsistent - Healthy People In Space
D1. Twoonky - Play Loud
D2. Weird Dust - Ensoniq
D3. T-Woc - Top Sausage

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