Ikue Asazaki

Yoisura Bushi - Inc. Kuniyuki Remix

Image of Ikue Asazaki - Yoisura Bushi - Inc. Kuniyuki Remix
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Studio Mule

About this item

More magic from the land of the rising sun here as Studio Mule's sublime series of Japanese gems turns to the emotional clout of Ikue Asazaki. A veteran traditional music singer, Ikue tackles Yoisura Bushi, the folk style of Amami Oshima, a small island of the southern shore of Japan. Working together with Wong Wing Tsan, Ikue translates pain and passion through her intense vocals while the Satie meets Sakamoto piano tugs at the heartstrings below. Over on the flip, esteemed Japnese house head, Kuniyuki Takehashi takes us on a sublime version excursion, submerging the piano in celestial soundscaping, introducing subtle percussion and adding a patient bass frequency, creating the perfect conditions for Ikue's vocals to soar. 


Patrick says: Stunning traditional Japanese music from Studio Mule here as Ikue Asazaki's passionate vocal dances with the delicate piano of Wong Wing Tsan. The Kuniyuki mix on the flip adds a little rhythm and a lot of feeling, resulting in the kind of dancefloor deepness you'd expect to hear at the start of a life-changing Sprinkles set.


A. Yoisura Bushi
B. Yoisura Bushi (Kuniyuki Remix)

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