Marcel Vogel

If You Like - Inc. Patchworks / Alma Negra Remixes

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Marcel Vogel's third record on his own Lumberjacks in Hell in a row. 'If You Like' comes in three versions; the original, featuring Sensational & Tijdan is a typically sampletastic offering, seemingly constructed on the trusty MPC while the two collaborators drop some fresh bars over Vogel's beats n groove. Is this the first time Vogel's done hip-house..?! I think so... Alma Negra turns it into a totally tropical, backroom burner, the kinda shit you'd hear Theo dropping in the middle of Summer on an outdoor stage it perfectly cuts joyous vocal loops out of the OG whilst adding a plethora of stimulating instrumentation in the background. Finally, we get an alternative, instrumental version courtesy of Tim Jule who goes on a bit of a Roy Ayers tip with loads of live instruments and a proper jazz-funk sensibility. Top stuff!


1. If You Like (feat Sensational & Tijdan) (5:39)
2. Brown Curls (feat Khalil Anthony - Patchworks Remix) (4:48)

1. If You Like (Alma Negras's Wisdom Of Oz Remix) (7:38)
2. If You Like (feat Tim Jules - Instrumental) (3:09)

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