Jubei & Marcus Intalex

Lubbly Jubbly / Fanny’s Ya Aunt

Image of Jubei & Marcus Intalex - Lubbly Jubbly / Fanny’s Ya Aunt
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Posthumous release from Manchester drum and bass legend Marcus Intalex who sadly passed away in 2017.

United through friendship, music and a love of wine, Jubei and Marcus Intalex made these tracks over the course of two meetings in Manchester. "Lovely Jubbly" is a gritty, sharp edged attack of militant snare patterns and precision engineered bass. Sound system idents and fx litter the mix but otherwise its a locked on, sturdy affair throughout that's undeniably suited to Metalhedz. Side B's "Fanny's Ya Aunt" is more liquid, a snappy beat complimenting warm pads and a soulful vox before gliding subs and filtered mid-range swirls open up the mix.

Jubei & Marcus found that their ideas nearly always complimented each other resulting in music that reflected both of their personalities. Jubei ensures Macus' legacy lives on by releasing epic tracks like this from his catalogue. Most recommended. 


A. Lubbly Jubbly
AA. Fanny's Ya Aunt

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