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V Is For Victor

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Asking For Trouble

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Third release on Radioactive Man's highly, highly acclaimed imprint, Asking For Trouble...Victor Valiant is the pseudonym of the label head, Keith Tenniswood and Suade Bergemann working in collaboration and recorded in the latter's 'mega studio' deep in the Northeast of England.

Recorded last year over two, 3-day sessions; produced, cut and mastered between the two producers, they have executed every level of production flair for this double pack vinyl release - with meticulous attention to detail.

Suade Bergemann is a Newcastle-based producer, mastering engineer and founder of techno label Adapted Vinyl. He collaborates with Steve Legget and is a resident at Free Rotation.

I really want to let the music speak for itself here, with little outside influence or hype affecting you, the listener's decision to purchase or indeed, future enjoyment. I'll go as far as to say that it's one of the best things I've heard this year: funky, advanced, accessible and ear-catching all at the same time. Obviously Keith's got enough of a cult fanbase to mean this'll sell out without question, but newcomers or anyone not familiar with Radioactive Man's many talents, don't miss an opportunity to get a seriously strong record from one of the underground's most enigmatic and multifaceted producers. 


Matt says: Keith's done it again. Collaborating with Suade Burgemann, this, for me, surpasses the exquisite double headers that opened up the label last year. A ridiculously good release I'm more than giddy to get stuck into.


A1. Fylingdales 
A2. Dragonfly 
B1. Olympus 
B2. Anti-Flash 
C1. Tanker 
D1. Conway 

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