Andi Otto

Bow Wave - Inc. Nicola Cruz / Golden Bug Remixes

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Multi Culti

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In our most private moments, we have often thought of Multi Culti as an educational enterprise: as you listen to our music and stare at our artwork, you are absorbing information in a way that might conceivably be defined as "learning." Our latest release brings this theoretically reasonable fantasy one step closer to fruition, as we welcome Hamburg-based musician and composer Andi Otto (Ph.D) to our roster of artists. A deep listening experience focused on repetition and timbre, Bow Wave was made using rare and unique instruments such as a special sensor bow for cello (and other string instruments) known as the "Fello," which Otto developed during his residencies at the STEIM research centre in Amsterdam. The album also features vocals from award-winning Indian playback singer, actor, and TV anchor M.D. Pallavi, a frequent Otto collaborator, recorded while the two were touring Japan. The six-track vinyl features remixes by Ecuadorian folklorica wizard Nicola Cruz and Parisian "adult disco" purveyor Golden Bug.


Patrick says: Global folklorica HQ Multi Culti are back with their most out-there release to date, the fourth world, free associating, esoteric groove music of Hamburg's Andi Otto. A heady fusion of the organic and synthetic, this EP weaves a weird and wonderful spell, delicately adjusted for the dancefloor by Nicola Cruz and Golden Bug.


A1 Gavotte Mantra
A2 Bow Wave
A3 Six (Feat. MD Pallavi)
A4 Trivial Ascendent
B1 Bow Wave (Nicola Cruz Remix)
B2 Six (Golden Bug Remix)
B3 Manu Roto
B4 Sheepbells

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