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Yantar EP

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Hell Yeah

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After releasing their "Yantar" LP digitally last year, Hell Yeah now serve up a much anticipated vinyl version of Richard Somerville and Craig Wilson's perfectly horizontal sounds. It features two of the superb originals with remixes from The Beat Broker and Los Gatos Escobar.
Somerville & Wilson have appeared on ISM Records, DWDK (Danny Was A Drag King), Paper Records and Music for Dreams and count the likes of Tensnake and Gerd Janson as fans of their laidback and charming grooves, and this EP is a real slab of heat that will surely sizzle souls across the world this summer.
First up, The Beat Broker proves he is on fire right now with a remix of the classic 'Melt.' His heart swelling remix has impossibly mellow chords ringing out into a yellow-orange sky as melodies rise and fall like a yacht bobbing on gentle waters. It's a blissed out musical sunset of the highest order.
Then comes Somerville & Wilson's 'Cero Gravity', eight minutes of cosmic synth workouts, yawning chords and long legged drums offset by soft acid. Drenched in reverb and rippling out in all directions, it's a warm musical rush that keeps washing over you until your soul melts away.
From New York, Los Gatos Escobar duo offer a more driving but just as tropical remix of 'Yantar' with big rubbery drums, zoned out chords and smeared pads. It's beautifully innocent and honest, heartfelt and meditative music that encourages you to escape to a seaside paradise.
Last of all, a melted Space Edit of Yantar is drowned in saturated chords, scorched pads and heat damaged keys that leave you adrift in a sea of sumptuousness. Music doesn't come much more majestic, melodic and mellow than this.


Sil says: Loads of mid tempo spacey synth to keep balearic and cosmic disco heads stroking their chins. It is also pretty dancefloor friendly whilst Los Gatos Escobar and Yantar - on remix duties - take you back to 'Drive' movie aesthetics. Decent and fresh like a gentle breeze that caress your skin whilst hypnotised by the sunset on some almost deserted Pacific ocean beach. You can bottle that feeling if you buy this 12".


A1. Melt (The Beat Broker Remix)
A2. Cero Gravity
B1. Yantar (Los Gatos Escobar Remix)
B2. Yantar (Space Edit)

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