Dove Sei - Inc. ROTLA Remix

Image of Lovebirds - Dove Sei - Inc. ROTLA Remix
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Sirisounds Records

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After making waves on the deep house circuit with the generally anthemic "Feel So Good" last year, Lovebirds got busy on Muff Wiggler and set about collecting as many analogue synths as he could reasonably afford. Adopting the Pasta Paul approved diet of 11p noodles and the occasional bacon butty, our main man filled his studio with such slick circuitry as the Arp 2600 and the Prophet 5 (somewhere on the other side of the shop Barry's pulse is quickening...). Surrounded by his new toys, the gear glutton set about making the finest emotional Italo jam this side of 1983. Doffing his cap in the direction of Club House, Rago & Farina and Roberto Gasparini, Lovebirds marries sturdy beat, simple bassline and atmospheric chord progression, finally peaking with stunning, sparkling keys. Since Adriano Celentano was not available he just skipped it in finding a replacement and recorded his own vox! Contemporary maestro ROTLA steps up on remix duties, stripping away some of those Italo flavours and transforming the track into a super boogie groover with loads of additional instrumentation. Finally the SIRS Cut sees the label head apply a little subtle pressure to the original by way of a tweaked arrangement and a little extra percussion pilfered from "Stop Bajon". 


A1 Original Mix
B1 Raiders Of The Lost Arp Remix

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