Bell Towers

Ikea Hack - Inc. Baba Stiltz Remix

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Public Posession

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Aussie oddball and master of audio bathos Bell MF Towers is finally back with a new jam on Public Possession. Originally produced for the runway (desert oasis is my S/S 19 inspiration) the hilariously titled "Ikea Hack" was too good to leave to the fashionistas. Once again the production perfectly showcases BT's ability to transform emotions into melodies and bridge gaps between various musical influences. The Dance Mix merges propulsive Depeche Mode in Detroit bottom end with tough percussion, celestial keys and heavenly vocals arriving at a previouly unimagined fusion of Mediterranean, Balearic and Midwestern club sounds. Ditching the pumping percussion, the "Chillout Mix" is a brilliantly Balearic bit of deepness in the vein of "Little Fluffy Clouds" or "Moments In Love". In addition to these fresh flavours, the material was handed over to Baba Stiltz, who delivered his very own more minimalistic, extremely hypnotic take on the "Ikea Hack", creating a stripped back micro house mix for the emotional dancers out there. 


Ikea Hack (Dance Mix)
Ikea Hack (Chillout Mix)
Ikea Hack (Baba Stiltz Remix)

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