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Running Back

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A little while before Metro Area came into life, there was Acronym City. Originally released on Sub Freq Recordings in 1996, Darshan Jesrani's moniker deals with the impact that electronic music from Detroit had on some inhabitants of said metro area. Long out of print, now carefully restored, re-mastered and slightly re-edited by Gerd Janson, Darshan Jesrani finds the missing link between techno, soul and the sort of contemplative and playful, heavy deep house that New York's underground was bringing forth in the early nineties. Without plagiarizing the one or the other, Acronym City naturally explores form and function of a sound that will never grow old. Backed up by an ethereal stop and go remix version of “Powermoves” by DJ Sprout and escorted by “The Push”, this one is for the heads, dancers and DJs alike and comes fully endorsed by team Piccadilly.


A1. Powermoves
B1. Powermoves Remix
B2. The Push

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