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After their Butterfunk EP from last year, Fouk are back again with their new offering 'Mating Call EP'.  As the name suggests, this three track EP is made for the hot & heavy moments while dancing away, during those infinite summer days. The title track 'Mating Call' is a funky beast, driven by a very infectious bassline and live instrumentation, edging the line between disco and house, as has we have come to expect from the duo. The next track on the flip furthers the fact that this release is all about the groove. Housey vibes with a classic hint, Rhodes floating on a solid rolling funk bass. 'Just Feel Good'? Yup! Finally we come to 'Down Below'.
You might wonder what's down below?. Well, there you can find a dreamy thumper, driven by te compact kick, repeating drone and deep bassline, while the synth pads in the middle tie it all together.
All in all, a great essential DJ weapon of mass destruction that you tots need. 


Sil says: Funky, playful, accessible, happy and positive. A feel good, let your hair down and non-pretentious music affair here. Surprisingly good house music.


A. Mating Call
B1. Just Feel Good
B2. Down Below

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