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That's A Steal #3

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Whilst their countrymen are at home having a generally lovely time at the World Cup, the Russian edit ensemble who make up That's A Steal have slapped their flats on AirBnB and gone East, turning to India for a new quartet of open-minded edits. The tapey sound design, tasty crunchy and low slung shuffle of opener "Hey Hey" gets the party started in madcapped midtempo disco fashion, before we go peak Balearic / completely cosmic with the heart curshing slow jam "Commando". Cod reggae lilt, marimba, playback vocals and dub fx - what's not to love? Props to Beard In Dust & Arsenii for doing it wildstyle on the A-side, let's see how Sputnik and Guido Minisky fare on the flip. Space Cadet supreme "Sputnik" mans the console with aplomb on "Bhangraman", finding an unlikely middle ground between Desi and new beat which completely kills it via an off kilter sampledelic style. Last but not least, Guido Minisky gets good and groovy with the proto-Goa vibrations of "The Villian", an Indian attempt at early 90's breakbeat which misses its mark and sounds all the better for it.


Patrick says: It's a hat trick for Russia's That's A Steal, who shimmy into my record bag with another ace set of unusual edits. This time round the crew are in India, flipping Bollywood standards and total obscurities into weirdo-disco, Balearic and offbeat house hits.


A1. Beard In Dust & Arsenii - Hey Hey
A2. Arsenii - Commando
B1. Sputnik - Bhangraman
B2. Guido Minisky - The Villain Edit

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