Finnitus Edits #3

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Finnitus Edits #3 is yet another serving of incredibly dodgy bargain bin tracks trimmed into submission and ready for the floor.

Side A's "Klabb & Babb" is a space disco cruiser, with highly frenetic, ascending string motifs, darting clavs soaked in echo and a typically fast paced, octave b-line. It is of course destined to get everyone symbiotically attempting to orbit the glitter ball in the centre of the dancefloor at the same time.

"Eroding in Africa" is your standard below-par Bony M-esque Afro flirt, made into something you can dance to through the joys of the edit. Don't be fooled though, this is some highly addictive ear fodder. 


A. Klabb & Babb
B. Eroding In Africa

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