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Lost Transmissions From The Off-World Territories

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First compilation proper from fine purveyors of leftfield dance music Invisible Inc. This label's become a right little beauty here in the shop, distributing new EBM, Kraut-flavoured mutant funk, cosmic vignettes and tribal workouts over its three year history.

Featuring an allstar cast of label hotties - Komodo Kolektif, Sordid Sound System, Higamos Hogaos, Bal5000 etc, there's also a reissue of a very special track from Tonto's Expanding Head Band ("Bittersweet"), that was actually the source of inspiration for the entire comp! Bonuses from K. Leimer, Luv*Jam and Eva Geist ensure the VIP rating soars into the red as we delve into one of the most exciting and creative independent labels of the last half decade! If you like it wacked out and weird or trailblazing through the stars on a wave of serenity, there's loads of get stuck into here and is a feast for lovers of strange new music.


Matt says: Great portrait of this label. Multifaceted but somehow cohesive, if you like Light Sounds Dark and all the various mutations of minimal wave, kosmiche and EBM, this is one's for you!


A1. Richard Bone – Saiyuji (Dawn) (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix)
A2. Log(m) & Laraaji – Sunken Forest
A3. Komodo Kolektif – Fire Walk
A4. Sordid Sound System – Sojourn
B1. Baikonour – Tchad '73
B2. Secret Circuit – Wild Flights
B3. Tonto's Expanding Head Band – Bittersweet
B4. Higamos Hogaos Presents Spacerocks – Almost Transparent Blue
C1. Bal5000 – Dream Dub For Sarah
C2. Causa – Heliopolis (Luv*Jam Dream Nip)
C3. Bronze Savage – Anglers Paradise
C4. Natural Sugars – Offering
D1. K. Leimer – End Of Poem
D2. Epsilove & Eva Geist – Le Silence De L'Ether
D3. Ulysses – Give Voice To Time
D4. Randweg – Sieben 

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