Greetings From The Bin

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PMJ Collector's Cuts

About this item

For the next Collector's Cuts record; Hamburg is the destination and Basso is the collector.

Basso is the owner of Growing Bin Records, a DJ and a collector of mind blowing music.
Growing Bin Records is a fantastic place to dive deeply into the wonderful but slightly off the wall genres like Krautrock, Balearic, Yacht Rock, Synth, New-Wave and many other styles.
Originally started as a blog it is has grown to become a great online resource and small label where there are no rules or formulas.

Here Basso has delved into his vast record collection to splice together some rather exquisite selections. Dive in to the Bin!
Pressed heavy for late nights, early mornings or afternoons on the yacht.


A1. Bumba
A2. Jane's Addiction
B1. Novo Espetaculo
B2. Gioco Sporco In Palazzo

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