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People Must Jam return to their Collector's Cuts series after a lengthy delay (two years since this one first hit the presales!), taking us on a trip to Hamburg to visit Growing Bin gentleman Basso. If you've paid any attention to our staff recommendations over the last few years you'll be well acquainted with Growing Bin Records, a home to the esoteric, ecstatic and frankly mind blowing. Whether he's ahead of the reissue pack, introducing us to German jazz-funk rarities, woodland kosmische and Iranian fusion, or bossing the end of year charts with Aussie ambient, French library sounds and textural house, Basso's constantly looking for something new, different and essential.

This should come as no surprise, since the Hamburg native started Growing Bin as a blog and online shop dedicated to his first love - digging! As my personal first port of call for rare record information or wine recommendations, Basso is a generous man with a sophisticated palate - and an insane record collection. Here he dives deep into the bin to splice together four exquisite selections for late nights, early mornings or afternoons on the yacht. 

We're in tropical territories on the A1, enjoying a breakfast mimosa on the cape while the steel pans, lilting groove and toasty bass of "Bumba" roll on and on. As jazzy as my trademark shirts, smoother than Silvestre's latin charms and madder than Matt on the staff party, this dreamboat docks at headband bay for a glorious guitar solo before erupting into an echo-drenched climax of lunatic laughter. Before you ask, the "Ol Dirty Vinyl" style skip-out before the solo is supposed to be there, embrace the oddness and imagine Basso winking behind the decks. Onto the A2 and the floor-filling, club killing sound of "Jane's Addiction", a top notch Kwaito groover which demands shoulder rolling, side stepping and fist pumping from the off. Plastic synth sounds, bubbling bass, BIG vocals and a hot hook - need I say more?

Bump to the B-side and take a deep breath for some BOOOOOGGGGGIIIIIEEEEE (Randy Brunson TM)! Slipping into some freshly pressed chinos and winding its body like a snake is "Novo Espectaculo", a Portugeuse / Brazillian heater for warm ups, rub downs and Balearic party sets. Blessed with the kind of tight, pocket dwelling groove you could loop giddily for at least four hours, this Portuguese tart takes us through melodic MPB vocals, fusion guitar licks and crazed drunk-at-the-carnival breakdowns before leaving our heart lighter and our limbs significantly looser. Last but not least, Basso treats us to an expert edit of a German synth funk rarity, appearing here as "Gioco Sporco In Palazzo". Now, the keen eared among you may have heard this new waver recut for Il Bosco and The Bat's Red Laser release, and our close friend Bosco actually bought a copy of this cut from the Growing Bin. Well, while this one languished in the pressing plant queue, Mancunia's finest editors beat old Basso to the punch, but now you have another ace option for B2B DJ extension, drag backs or other technical jocking. Emotive vocals, percolating sequences and ace FX make this a fitting end to a fine EP. Basso ftw!


A1. Bumba
A2. Jane's Addiction
B1. Novo Espetaculo
B2. Gioco Sporco In Palazzo

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