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The Magic Movement

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The Magic Movement is back with more slow psychedelic swirlers for your next magic carpet ride, this time brewed by shamanic master Noema. 
The EP kicks off with the spiced up cosmic classic "Jourouadou", where a driving middle eastern rhythm, Arabic lyrics and a rolling bass lay the foundation for an ecstatic dance party, increasing the intensity until a hypnotic synth leads you the way up to the Tunisian night sky. Flip the record and it's "Zeluf" that hits you with a baggy psych groove on B1, unfolding arabesque chanting, Oud lines and a Marimba like synth during the journey. On B2 you will find the 'Underwater Fireplace Dub' of Gaye Su Akyol's "Dunya Kaleska", reclaimed from the depths of the Bosphorus for modern dance floor demolition. This Remix of the Turkish Singer-Songwriter is a masterfully crafted journey with unforeseen twists and turns, mingling her band with sounds of trains and bonfire.


A. Jourouadou
B1. Zeluf
B2. Gaya Su Akyol - Dunyla Kelska (Dub Version)

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