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The third release on Alma Negra Records is dedicated to the music of Eritrea, a small (in African terms, that is) country nestled in between Sudan and Ethopia on the south end of the Red Sea. Drawing from its native spiritual roots as well as the christian and islamic influences of conquering factions, this multiethnical country is home to an amazingly diverse plethora of cultures and musical styles.
The Swiss outfit showcase the music of the Saho People from the Region of Zula, which is located in between the coastal lowlands close to the Dahlak archipelago. The word "Saho" roughly translates (translated?) as "Nomad", pointing towards a lifestyle where tradition and culture is being passed on orally over generations. The exact source for these edits of the Saho Sound are thus lost to the murky depths of history, as they are based on traditional folksongs.
Complete with that global clarion call of partying it up, the ululate trill (google it), A-side offering "Haleto Late Lalo" is a spiritual house stomper which sees a call & response vocal pattern ride a somber backing track. Exploring a deeper, jazzier mood, the crew added moody piano chords and a balafon, with a subtle but big bassline and some hefty 808-thud holding everything together. The B-side packs a previously unreleased edit of the band SOL.The cut starts life as a minimalist percussion belter, driven along by an eerie vocal-loop which ratchets the tension throughout. Finally a male vocal introduces a main melody that eventually bursts into a full call & response chant with a female choir. Never underestimate the power-combo of nothing but drums and vocals. No more words needed, feel for yourself.


Patrick says: Stunning, stomping and spiritual, the third edition of Alma Negra's new series is nothing but Afro-house fire. Certain to sell out, I'd recommend you nab a copy asap.


1. Haleto Lale Lalô (Saho) - Alma Negra
2. Erytrea Nèdègé (Saho) - SOL

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