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Radio Amor - Reissue

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Reissue of classic 2003 album by renowned ambient / noise / electronic artist.

Originally released on Alien8 and now long out-of-print.

Press quotes for Radio Amor:

"Hecker at his most painterly and evocative.” Pitchfork

"Radio Amor has a simultaneous tangible/intangible quality that is both miraculous and enigmatic.” Tiny Mix Tapes

"Tim Hecker may be the finest sonic photographer around, the re-release of Radio Amor being further evidence for this claim.” Brainwashed

"Hecker’s 2003 standout is a stirringly emotional narrative, without the slightest aid of a single voice.” Treble

"A slow-shifting mix of steely headrush and protracted morse code dispatches from the bottom of the ocean.” Dusted 


1. Song Of The Highwire Shrimper
2. (They Call Me) Jimmy
3. Spectral
4. I’m Transmitting Tonight
5. 7000 Miles
6. Shipyards Of La Ceiba
7. Careless Whispers
8. The Star Compass
9. Azure Azure
10. Trade Winds, White Heat

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