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I'll Tell You What!

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Planet Mu

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While notorious in the Chicago streets, RP Boo's music had been unfairly confined to a few white labels and self-released mixtapes until his two archival Planet Mu LPs "Legacy" and "Fingers", "Bank Pads & Shoe Prints" introduced broader audiences to his sonic history, some of it fifteen years after it was first recorded. "I’ll Tell You What!" is the next step in his mission, and the first time he’s released an album of contemporary material. The title, a favorite maxim of his, welcomes listeners to sit down and let him narrate in the unforgettable abstract fashion he's known for.

He explores familiar motifs such as the cosmos, movement, and opposition, using densely interwoven vocals, unpredictable percussion, and evil humming bass as his tools of choice. RP Boo’s music doesn’t follow the traditional rules that most compositions do. Layering decades of samples from yesteryear to the present over his commanding vocal cut-ups, he transports the listener to their own realm of the space-time continuum. The main difference between this record and his prior work is now we hear Boo tell new stories about preaching his gospel outside of Chicago, from his experiences frantically touring the globe over the last five years.

The words “things ain’t been the same / since I hopped the plane” are repeated on top of engine sounds and rumbling bass on Flight 1235, a glorious paean to his new jet-setting adventures. The spirit of competition runs through RP’s veins as much as blood does, something you can’t unlearn when you’ve been making music for Chicago’s footwork circuit as long as he has. The local culture has served as a shelter from the violence that has plagued the city, pitting kids against each other with their feet rather than weapons. 


01 No Body
02 Back From The Future
03 At War
04 Cloudy Back Yard
05 U-Don’t Know
06 Earth's Battle Dance
07 Work The Flow!
08 Bounty
09 Flight 1235 (ft. DJ Phil & Crossfire)
10 U Belong 2 Me
11 Wicked'Bu
12 Deep Sole

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