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Cosmic Croat, Ilija Rudman has been a prolific face on the global Balearic / Adriatic scene for about the last 15 years. Appearing on labels like Is It Balearic? and running his own Imogen label as well as extensive DJ appearances and remixes.

"Paradigma" is his third studio album, and finds the esteemed producer exploring daytime and nighttime moods across its seven well formed tracks. At one moment you might be wistfully cruising down the sultry boulevards of "Temptations Trial", only to cosy up with the comely tones of "Creamfields" or the vibrant chords of "Elastica". By and large it's a downtempo affair for private reflection, steeped in 80s glamour and produced with a crystalline perfection to add that all-important glint to your life.


A1. Cielo 7PM
A2. Temptations Trial
A3. Certain Things
A4. Creamfields
B1. Liquid Dream
B2. Elastica
B3. Serpent Slide

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