Find A Place In This Crazy World - Inc. Ron Trent Remix

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Rush Hour

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Skymark's "Find A Pace In This Crazy World" is a silky smooth, electronic deep house affair. Jubilant, shimmering and full of vigor, obvious comparisons can be drawn with Ron Trent's Future Vision Records and the Electric Blue series. Hence it was a no-brainer to get big Ron in on remixes duties.

The OG utilizes undulating lead organs and a variety of synths to weave stylishly between the angelic vocal parts, sprinkling quite active solos over the track while a squelchy bassline and a heavenly flute part add extra decoration. In contrast Ron pacifies the excitement just slightly, stripping away the busy solos for a steady, warm chord progression, one of his typically rubbery b-lines and some subtle Chi-town flair n magic. Tip top!


Sil says: Soulful, laidback and chilled deep house 12" with no other than Ron Trent serving the main dish. He applies some light touches to the original (special mention goes to those smooth keys taken from some boogie disco monster I cannot remember now). An organic beat accompanies the track all along making this a lovely and beautiful remix worth the whole 12". Essential I say.


1. Find A Place In This Crazy World (Ron Trent Mix)
2. Find A Place In This Crazy World (2015 Original Version) 

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