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As Stroom continue to go from strength to strength with their flawless string of archival releases, they revist the unique audio world of Axel Liebeert for a maxi 12" of unreleased Pablo's Eye cuts. Where "Spring Break" introduced us to the calming coastal and cool ambient ends of Axel's audio spectrum, "Bardo For Pablo" puts the percussion up front, resulting in a rhythmic selection of otherworldly audio. Opener "Amb 8" serves up a solid machine rhythm, floating pads and a hypnotic keyboard sequence, while "Cypher NY Mix" is a tranquilised trip into dreamy downbeat territories - check out the panning! Grooving along, "Today" kills it with heavy tom abuse and a bottom end thrust along the lines of Massive Attacks "Safe From Harm". The percussive processing continues on the B-side via the techno tribal stomp of "My Only Guide Is", a hefty hit of machine voodoo essential for fans of Tolouse Low Trax. Bringing us to the finish line "Self Abandonment" and  "I Have No Other Compass" offer hazy percussion and optimistic ambience respectively. Live in limbo folks.


Patrick says: Stroom revisit Pablo's Eye for a 6 track selection of previously unreleased pearls. Pushing its way towards the dance floor (with predictable sophistication) this set slinks along with touches of trip hop, machine voodoo, valium downbeat and ace ambience.


1. Amb 8
2. Cypher NY Mix
3. Today
4. My Only Guide Is
5. Self Abandonment
6. I Have No Other Compass 

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